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Pg. 12: The Determined and the Detained

Pg. 12: The Determined and the Detained published on No Comments on Pg. 12: The Determined and the Detained

Markesha’s on board for the rescue mission, now there’s the minor matter of actually planning it.

Located high in the Halo along the Wall, the Lattice is situated on relatively prime real estate for a prison. Given the high profile, joint nature of the Halo Security Forces, this is perhaps not that surprising. After all the HSF needs someplace intimidating enough to detain miscreants, but polished enough to assure the leaders of Trinity that Justice is indeed Being Served. There are rumors of other less pleasant long term detention centers far lower in the the Halo. These jails are rumored to be the private dungeons of powerful Houses, who have the means and motive to make individuals disappear unpleasantly for long stretches of time. Given alleged location and ownership, it’s not surprising that there’s never really been any solid evidence uncovered to prove their existence.

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