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Pg. 29: Conflicted

Pg. 29: Conflicted published on No Comments on Pg. 29: Conflicted

Markesha’s out of radio range, Audrey and Link are out of options. Time for Hail Mary #2.

Turf wars between gangs in Outer Trinity have a long and sordid history. Gangs have been around so long in Trinity that their actions have affected even the very founding of the city. As the Withering spread across the landscape, local gangs pulled together serving as ad-hoc police forces, guarding resources, and protecting Trinity’s early settlers. But history is never clean and peaceful forever. The very first power grab by gangs created a civil war that nearly wiped the city off the map, until Inner City leaders stepped in with financial sponsorship to keep them from infighting. As the years marched on many things have changed, but the fear of getting caught in a turf battle between two rival gangs is ever present.

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