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Pg. 4: Accidentally on Purpose

Pg. 4: Accidentally on Purpose published on 1 Comment on Pg. 4: Accidentally on Purpose

Being broke isn’t impressing Rio, but finding out Markesha’s responsible for the Razor bombing is another story.

The journey to the S.A.D.P. is not a pleasant stroll. The closest S.A.D.P. border town to Trinity City is the Mocoa Immigration Processing Settlement some 3,000 miles (4828.032 km) away. Would be Immigrants are faced with convoy treks through desert, mountain, plain and a short stint by boat. The journey isn’t easy and the supplies for such a trip are expensive. This doesn’t even touch the fact that Outlanders are known to routinely raid convoys of any stripe, stripping travelers of precious supplies for their own gain. A common saying to dissuade people considering such a journey is, “The road to Mocoa is paved with bones.”



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