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Pg. 5: Narrow Alley Proposals

Pg. 5: Narrow Alley Proposals published on 2 Comments on Pg. 5: Narrow Alley Proposals

Markesha explains her plight and Rio has an idea that could serve them both.

The smuggler is a profession that’s never died, and even after 200 years and a global apocalypse the practice still goes on. The only way to bypass the S.A.D.P.’s Immigration Processing Centers is to go through a Coyote, or people smuggler. The job entails everything from driving over treks of wastelands, food rationing, guarding your “pack” (customers), forging documents, and networking beyond the border. Skilled Coyotes like Rio gain a reputation for quality and charge a handsome price for their work. Unskilled Coyotes never last long enough to gain a reputation of any kind.


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