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Pg. 5: Compensation

Pg. 5: Compensation published on No Comments on Pg. 5: Compensation

Constance can’t seem to get a word in as Yvonne gives her a very weird, strained pep-talk.

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Headquarters of the Halo Security Forces resides inside the hollowed out portion of the Wall itself. This structure includes everything from offices, weapon arsenals, training rooms, interrogation chambers and more. Access to the Lattice, or the HSF prison has one entrance and exit which is located below the interrogation and training rooms. The crowning jewel of the HSF facility is their hovercraft fleet and the hoverport. Added with the support of House Pierce, this hoverport is large enough for the fleet of HSF hovercrafts with room to spare. Certain visiting dignitaries find the HSF hoverport a prime spot for showing off their newest toys.

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