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Pg. 3: Secondary User

Pg. 3: Secondary User published on 7 Comments on Pg. 3: Secondary User

Audrey isn’t convinced this job could fit the new recruit. In fact, she’s pretty sure the suit is going to swallow Markesha whole.

Link’s deck is a DRZI-0089, equipped with state-of-the-art holographic technology and capable of processing over 4 Terabytes of data a minute. Since Link prides himself as a top notch Spyder, his ‘rig’ has to be the best. He’s constantly pouring a heaps of affection and money into keeping his computer top of the line. Thankfully, Orson pays well, and has the connections to keep Link’s set up bleeding-edge. The same models are used inside the wall within House Pierce, and Link prides himself in being the “only Spyder in Outer Trinity to have THIS set up!” Of course, that ‘fact’ is hard to prove.

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