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Pg. 9: On the List

Pg. 9: On the List published on 3 Comments on Pg. 9: On the List

Link’s found out that Markesha and Toshi belong to a very exclusive, problematic list.

Under the pretense of security any Inner City House can add a personal or familial genetic signature to the Wall Clearance Blacklist. Houses who submit Blacklist requests are recorded, but these records are kept within an isolated computer system inaccessible to anyone save for a select few. Clerks who process Wall Clearance Applications are given a bonus commission for every legitimate rejection they find. This incentivizes the clerical staff to be exceptionally discriminating about who they give clearance to. Because each Halo Clearance application must be submitted with a substantial fee, clerks are encouraged to simply tell the applicant to, “Try again next time,” rather than tell them the truth.

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